Getting a “Gamer Block?”

You guys ever find yourself just sitting at your computer wanting to play a game but can’t decide on one? Yeah me too… like 80% of the time. When you are in no particular mood to play anything, but you wanting to play something so bad can leave in a state of nothingness. Flipping between Facebook, YouTube, Twiter, Instagram, etc. then once you tell yourself, … Continue reading Getting a “Gamer Block?”

Rocket League Hopping on the Season Pass Cycle

Summer is here, pretty much, and in the Rocket League community that means new stuff. Later this month, season 8 starts. This entails competitive season 7 rewards, a new arena, new music, and more. Not only are have they laid out the road map for the next few months, but they are currently working on what they call the “Rocket Pass.” If you are sitting … Continue reading Rocket League Hopping on the Season Pass Cycle