Battlefield 5 Featuring a Woman, People Freak Out as Usual

Players get upset when women make an appearance in war games, especially in non-fictional wars, this is no mystery sadly. We all know that women not only played a vital role in every war, but there are some that ended up fighting, whether they were Russian snipers or French resistance in WWII or picking up a musket during the American Revolution. Before I start my short rant, this isn’t a white knight speech, this is a “we are playing video games that are not claiming to be historical titles” speech.

Based off history doesn’t mean it’s 100% historical, remember that.

The Battlefield trailer came out and the first soldier we saw was an English woman with a prosthetic arm, that right there should tell you, “ok they aren’t aiming to be an accurate historical title.” I mean, find me a guy who fought on the frontlines with a prosthetic arm, I’ve never heard of one. Battlefield also isn’t the go to title for historical accuracy so lets just loosen up a bit. But as most games do, they add historical elements, locations, weapons, armor etc. But these are video games that try to appeal to as many people as possible.

Also, if there was a female soldier with a prosthetic arm on the frontlines, let me know, sounds badass.

Personally, I didn’t bat an eye at the fact that there was a female soldier in the game, because it’s a video game. Women fought, so why not have them as a playable character in a story or on multiplayer?

To the people going crazy about this have more problems than a female soldier in a game, and they need to figure that out on their own. We shouldn’t acknowledge these people because they are angry humans who literally have nothing better to do. Let’s also not acknowledge the soldier with the Bren light machine gun with a katana or the bald trooper with no sleeves looking like he’s ready to take a hill from the Viet Cong.

Battlefield looks awesome and I am excited to get my hands on it, I love me some WWII.


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