Getting a “Gamer Block?”

You guys ever find yourself just sitting at your computer wanting to play a game but can’t decide on one?

Yeah me too… like 80% of the time.

When you are in no particular mood to play anything, but you wanting to play something so bad can leave in a state of nothingness. Flipping between Facebook, YouTube, Twiter, Instagram, etc. then once you tell yourself, “I’m just going to play this game,” After about 10-20 minutes, you’re back to square one.

You begin switching between various games in you steam library just hoping something catches your attention enough to stay. I find myself in this conundrum often and I feel lost inside the vast library that is my steam account.

When this usually happens to me I decide to do a few things, I either go on a run, watch NFL games, watch Twitch, or read something for a bit. You guys have heard of writers block right? I see this as sort of the same thing. I like to call it, “Gamers Block,” I came up with that all on my own and it took some time, you can use it if you want.

A good run outside in the weather is always a good way to clear your mind. Go out, run a few miles, catchup on some podcasts or listen to your running playlist that you worked hard on and still only listen to half the songs on it. For me I hope to be an NFL scout or something in that capacity as a career, so I will watch a game which takes about an hour and a half of my time, I feel productive, so then I am ready to escape into some games. Watching Twitch helps as well, you get on to watch a streamer or two and maybe something clicks, and you finally decide what you want to play, whether that be what the streamer is playing or a random game. Do you enjoy history? Tech? non-fiction? Whatever you enjoy reading, spend some time filling that brain with some more knowledge.  Personally, I like to read my WWII book by Antony Beaver or some of my football books, I love war history and football.

If you have no other interests or have no intentions of minimizing your steam library, then I have a couple suggestions. For me I will pull up something relaxing, a game I don’t have to think about at all. A game like Cities: Skylines is perfect, a city builder where you mindlessly create a city. This is good because when you get to a certain point (after about 4 milestones or so, super easy) you can just relax, build a little, watch a little. It is good to ease you back into playing the game or figuring out you want to play a specific game. Another game I like to play is Rocket League, it is simple, it makes you think a little bit and sometimes I end up just playing that. You also don’t have to play video games, that is also an option. It is ok to take time off.

I hope some of these tips help you guys get past those gamer blocks, and if you don’t ever have this issue then cool, good for you. But for those of us who do have this issue I hope this helps, not only to get past it, but could help you feel a little more productive in your day before you escape into whatever game you decide to dive into

What do you guys like to do other than play games? What game do you play when you aren’t quite feeling it? Let me know in the comments!

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