Rocket League Hopping on the Season Pass Cycle

Summer is here, pretty much, and in the Rocket League community that means new stuff. Later this month, season 8 starts. This entails competitive season 7 rewards, a new arena, new music, and more.

Not only are have they laid out the road map for the next few months, but they are currently working on what they call the “Rocket Pass.” If you are sitting there thinking, “wow, this sounds like that fancy battle pass I pay for on Fortnite,” you are exactly right. As a Rocket League player, it will be interesting to see how this works. Their structure is going to be the same as Fortnite’s, there is a free path and a premium pass, and you can see the benefits of the premium pass. If they are following the blue print from Epic, then that means they will release unique cosmetics that you can’t get anywhere else (via crates). They also said that their “Rocket Pass” will renew every few months, I would assume this would coincide with competitive season to make work a little easier.

There are a couple reasons that Psyonix could adding this feature to their game, either they aren’t earning as much as they would like to with selling keys, or they are flat out in love with the idea.

They did mention unlocking decryptor’s for opening chests you earn which is great, but what do you do to progress? Scoring a certain amount of goals in a game? Aerial goals? Or do we just progress through simply playing?

My only issue with it is how they will create unique aesthetics for this battle pass and keep pumping out content for their crates. Their crates aren’t very consistent in terms of good items, so now they must make great content every few months so that their Rocket Pass is worth getting for players.

I am very excited to see what they come out with, but this is literally all we know, they are still working on it.

I am sure we will find out more soon, my guess is July because it is their 3 year anniversary, which should be an exciting time for fellow rocketeers!

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