We Don’t Need Another Xbox, We Need Better Exclusives!

As someone who has switched from PlayStation to Xbox when the 360 came out, since the Fable franchise ended (rumors suggest a continuation) Xbox has offered nothing.

I had the PlayStation one and two, then my friends switched over to the Xbox when the 360 released, so I went as well. The 360 served me well, a lot of fond memories, not only with friends but I fell in love with Fable 3. Since then there haven’t been good single-player story driven games.

Well there has, but with the PlayStation.


Recently Xbox has been, lackluster, to say the least. They have not focused on good exclusives in a long time. I read on PC Gamer that they could end up being a second-tier console, which I wholeheartedly agree.

But thank god they are coming out with the Xbox One X Scorpio Project. Because that is what we need, more versions of the same console with no better games to play. Microsoft is gearing up to release the most powerful console in the world. Loading faster, so you can get to those crappy exclusives quicker. Smoother gameplay, so you can experience every frame of those bad exclusives.

There is more to it but that is the gist of it. While they are releasing that, I will be buying a PlayStation 4, not even the pro, to play their games because that is what they do, focus on their games.

It is a lot to ask for some great games from a video game powerhouse apparently. Nintendo has caught up and Microsoft is just laying down, legs propped up, cleaning out their belly button lint… which are their exclusives.

If Xbox was this great exclusive machine, I would start saving up for the Scorpio, but instead I am an owner of an Xbox One, proud owner of a computer I built, and soon to be proud owner of a PS4.

Don’t apologize, just do better.

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