Looking For A New Challenge? Try This Survival City-Builder

Are you a city builder who is looking for more excitement? More purpose? If you are like me sometimes just sitting back in your chair building a city isn’t enough. You need a challenge, an objective. Well do I have a game for you.

Frotspunk is the newest city building, colony establishing, survival, management game. You and your people leave London in search for a generator to keep your people warm in this snowstorm that has destroyed everything.

You find the generator and now you must build to survive. This is an unforgiving game that not only can you not get comfortable on resources, but you have a lot of choices to make that have consequences.

This is a dark, cold time in human history. As the world freezes over, you must survive to be a beacon of hope for everyone.


As the game progresses you pass laws, either at your own will, or an event arises that may require you to enact one (depending on the choice you make). The laws you pass and the conditions your people live in will fluctuate the “Hope,” and “Discontent” bar. Without passing laws, your discontent will fall or rise depending on the choices you make when you are forced to decide, or if your people are working/living in cold/freezing conditions. Your hope will fall or rise when you fulfill promises or fail them. It can fall when people die or if you find a colony with no survivors in it.

Like I said earlier, you set out to find a generator. In this search you lost colonists. As you play the game you will recruit scouts to explore surrounding areas for supplies and people to join your colony.

One thing is to be noted, if you have played Banished or Surviving Mars you would think that people make babies and they grow up, not here. The only way to expand your population is to find survivors and take in refugees towards the end of the game. That is because this game is day-to-day rather than years and seasons like every other game.

You must balance your workers between hunting, converting that raw food into something edible, mining resources (coal, steel, wood), medical tents, special buildings, research, etc.

This is no easy task.

I have eight or more facilities producing coal and I can barely meet demand, and I still have about twenty days left till end game…

Coal is used for keeping your colony warm, obviously. Wood and steel are used for construction and researching, so there is that material balancing there as well. You have hunters that gather raw food (at a slow rate) and your cookhouse will use that to make meals. You can pass a law to make soup or add sawdust to the food, they are not fans of either. Sawdust will make more people sick, and soup causes discontent, but more food is produced with either of these.

I don’t understand how soup causes discontent, 70% of my diet in college was soup. It’s not that bad, really, it isn’t.

There are two paths you can take to help your colony get through some rough patches (which there will be). One is the “Order and Discipline,” and the second is “Faith.” I went “Order and Discipline” first. I have to say, it makes your settlement look like a camp, and not the good kind. Like Russian Siberian work camp where only the dead are condemned to, so I guess it fits. And if you end up enacting the “New Order,” your people will become unconditionally obedient to you, which secures the “Hope” bar.

I won my second playthrough with this choice, 116 survived the winter storm.


The other option is “Faith.” It is exactly what it sounds like, you use religion to help people cope with the cold and gruesome conditions. As you progress through the “Faith” tree you start to get the appearance of a cult take hold over your colony. Symbols of what looks like half a sun start to pop up as you build churches and agitators and such. I am currently working on my first playthrough with the “Faith” tree, and it is going well, for now.

Overall this game is great. It makes you question your morality at times with some of the choices you make for the survival of your people, but I will talk more on that in another post. One of the best parts of the game is when you survive to Spring, you get a visual history of your colony from start to finish and it is narrated on screen which is a cool feature.

This is going to be a game I will probably be writing about a lot because it is the game I am playing right now so maybe some tips & tricks and more thoughts on it later.

Visually, it’s beautiful. Your decisions matter. You’re constantly on your toes. The UI is beautifully done, nothing is worse than a cluttered, disorganized UI. Cool little backstory.

I would like to see a cinematic mode, this game is gorgeous, I need these screenshots! I want to have the ability to get closer to my city, I’m talking street view. To make this game have more replay ability, there needs to be more randomness. Once you playthrough a couple games, you’ll find yourself skipping everything and borderline speed running. Luckily the challenge of managing the settlement will keep people around at least until they start adding DLC’s (which there will be, confirmed by the developers) and other free content.

Why does soup cause discontent?

I give this a 9/10. It’s a great game and it’s new, there’s nothing out there like this.

Stay warm.

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