Season 4 Has Landed

The new season of Fortnite has arrived, and not into Tilted as most of us had predicted. For the record I did call the asteroid bringing us some goodies, and they came in the form of super crystals and metal rocks.

I didn’t see the government coming though, I’m too afraid to move from this bush, send help.

This is the first season where I was at work and all I could think about was getting home to play. They changed around the map with a few new locations and some mini comet craters in random locations. Have you guys seen Dusty Divot? Well it is huge, and it is quite glorious. They made it a new hot spot so that Tilted is less crowded. It is also filled with these purple glowing crystals that when you pick them up, you can jump higher and with more distance. Oh yeah, you take no fall damage either. Bullets still hurt though. Bullets, bad, Big falls, good.

What happens when you are mid jump, hopping off an enormous mountain, and you lose your power. Answer: I am going to try it, but if I had to guess, you’ll be queuing up for the next match anon.

Now there are glowing players hopping around in these craters. They are a fun addition, but the fun only lasts about 30 seconds.

The craters aren’t the only ground-breaking map additions. There are movie sets around the map, as well as green screens in random houses. There is a mansion between the “Race Track” and “Lonely Lodge,” a missile facility just outside of “Snobby Shores,” and they filled the space Northwest of “Wailing Woods” with a movie set called “Risky Reels.”

They added a lot, but they also reduced one of my favorite spots, Prison, and is trying to popularize my other go-to at “The Mire” with a huge movie set. They put a meteor right in the middle of my prison, it’s all pretty much gone now.

They took my prison and they took my Mire, where will I go? Who will take me in?

No one Stephen, no one.

We have map aesthetics and, new locations, alien crystals that give us super human abilities, and our favorite areas were bombarded by the gods above, so what else is there?

They added a lot of new skins, also added a spray paint which is neat, along with skins that level up. The Carbide skin is upgradable, you wear the skin and complete challenges set aside for that skin and it unlocks pieces of armor that reshape you costume.


fortnite-season-4-battle-pass-details-revealed-3Already people have turned it into a whole new skin by leveling it up and it looks great. It is a fun feature that I think we will see them build on with other skins and possibly other items in the future. The Carbine (Tier 1) and the Omega (Tier 100) are the Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes of Fortnite, so that is how I think they fit in with the superhero theme.


I have only had a chance to play for a few hours, so once I sink some more time into this season I am sure I can add onto this article.

We have a lot of work today, so let’s get a grinding!

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