What Sparked Your Love for Gaming?

I remember the first time I ever saw a video game on a screen, it was on a computer, in my room. When I was a small human living in Texas, my babysitter would bring over a disk to pop into that computer. This guy brought over DOOM… I was probably four or five, and this guy brought DOOM over.

My mother would not have approved.

I would watch him play all the time, I didn’t even like the game (I have yet to play a DOOM game to this day), but this was my first taste of video games.

Not long after that my parents got me a Super Nintendo, and Mario entered the home (not literally, that’d be creepy). I enjoyed Mario, but my friend down the street had an N64, so we played a lot of Super Smash Bros, Mario Party, and Mario Cart. I loved the N64 but I was more so an outside child, so I never went through begging my parents for a modern console.

Until the PS2, I legit cried I was so happy.

The games that influenced me as a gamer the most were Red Alert (PC), StarCraft (PC), and Champions of Norath (PS2).

cc-red-alert-gameplay3I spent countless hours playing Red Alert, trying to build the largest arsenal of Mammoth Tanks possible. I loved this game, the visuals were so appealing to me, my favorite aesthetics were the factories and airfields (apart from the Mammoth). The concept of building a big scary base and an unstoppable military might was my jam.

When I was in middle school the computer was no longer in my room (we had moved), so I would wake up 2 hours before school to play StarCraft. I loved this game.184087-starcraft. My friend and I would hop online at night to play some good old fashion comp stomp! I have always been a Terran player myself and he is a Protoss focused player. Our strategy was simple, he built Photon Cannons to my base, and I built Siege Tanks next to those. We cheesed at an early age. We were cheesy turtles who dominated the battlefield. It was here I started to realize how attached I was to RTS. I then went on to spend an ungodly amount of time playing StarCraft 2 with the boys in college.

Those were the most influential games of mine as a young lad. I expanded my horizons to Champions of Norath, a top down action-adventure co-op game (kind of like Diablo) which I’ll never forget, Call of Duty, Fable, Tycoons, SimCity, etc.

I kind of like everything

Games have been a big part of my life, so what games sparked your love for gaming?

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