My Fortnite Comet Theory



Since the update that rolled out that port-a-fort the game has had its… issues to say the least. But even among the bugs that it has brought we can’t drop this comet, but Epic will. Epic is going to drop it so hot that Tilted Towers is going to feel it, or the whole map.

I feel as if we have been staring at this comet for the whole season now. It is almost as if time has slowed down while we read what is going on and coming up with our own thoughts on what all of this means. Some think it is also an April’s fool’s joke and to you I say, boo!

When Tilted Towers was erected from the ground to create a centralized location for everyone to land, this left the rest of the map essentially empty. All we talked about was the balance of the map since its addition, rightfully so. I heard through the grapevine (twitter and other people’s mouths) that Epic wasn’t pleased with more than half the population dying before the first storm was complete.

Everyone wants to add “Survived Tilted Towers” on their resume.

Theory 1

IF this is true, then that comet is going to crash in the center of Tilted Towers and crumble the structures around it. So now that it has landed this leaves a sizable crate in the middle of the city with crumbled buildings surrounding it. This would result in less loot which will also mean less people. This would be great to see the impact of an event that will get people going there a few times, then dispersing around the map. I had also thought up the concept of revealing catacombs beneath but that could keep it a point of interest.

They want this place gone, a small part of all of us want this place gone.

Theory 2

My second theory is more like a fun mini event before the great reveal of the next map, which I have no doubt will be a grand gesture to the millions of players who devote hours to dying in Fortnite.

This rides the common theory that we are heading for a total obliteration of not only those pesky towers, but the whole map. The story is that the comet hits, map dies, and poof a new map. That seems a little boring to me. I would like to see a mini event for a weekend or just a couple days whenever, where the crater consumes a portion of the map.

The old map becomes this desolate, post-apocalyptic wasteland with no structure fully intact. The Mire, dried up, trees burnt to a crisp. Loot Lake, part of it is crater, and the lake is dried out. Maybe add a goofy element where the silos at each of the farm are bent away from the massive crater in the middle, rather than being wiped out completely.

I know what you’re thinking, then the crater will just wipe out a major portion and no players will drop in. Let’s say the comet brought some goodies… What the comet carries from the cosmos are some treats in the form of rocks rather than chests. You bust those rocks open with your pickaxe and you get everything from rare to legendary items. What this crater could bring are past weapons that have been removed and or adding guns that haven’t quite made the cut.

This could possibly break the game and ruin the experience but that would be nothing new, sadly. I mean, they basically locked us out for 24 hours the other week because they messed up so bad. As a gamer it is frustrating, but I have never developed a game, so I won’t pretend I know what they are doing.  

Then the question becomes, do you drop in the crater for rewarding loot and rich materials? Or do you stay to the outside where most players will land with less rewarding loot?

We only have a week or two the season ends (as I am writing this) so before any of my theories can come true they need to spend some time fixing the bugs, like the double auto heavy shotgun.

For all we know though, nothing will happen. It will just fly-by and all this anticipation was just to get us, the gamer’s, to come up with crazy theories and piece together elements of the game that aren’t there.

We love you Epic.

Let me know some of what you think will happen or some modifications to mine!

Thank you for reading, if you have any suggestions or criticisms to make my blog better, let me know in the comment section.

Keep Gaming!

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